Why Use Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is not like Google’s PPC Adwords activity where you bid higher and higher rates to gain priority over your competitors.

And is not the same as CPA affiliate activity with its expensive upfront set up costs, maintenance fees with no guarantee of any returns on this initial investment. There are lots of other marketing activities and tools that businesses use to find new customers. Lead generation should have a place in most marketing budgets and if done well, can offer a very competitive ROI when compared to other activities.

So why use lead generation?



Finding Your Customers

Using our network of registration paths, Response Link is sure to have a solution to fit most scenarios and most budgets.

And with literally thousands of options, we can help guide you in the right direction.

Our technology LE-APP then performs all necessary checks on data captured information, ensuring the details provided are correct by using best industry standard tools.

This ensures that you spend more of your time speaking to your prospective customers rather than chasing a lead that is never going to go anywhere.




Intelligent Customer Targeting Solutions From Response Link

Response Link is a customer targeting solution provider, providing enhanced performance-based marketing opportunities from our UK offices. We specialise in finding consumers that are interested in your offers, enhance them with validation and verify their details to qualify the lead as genuine before delivering this lead to you on a PPL basis. We can help provide you with a qualified lead generation campaign on a PPL basis through our range of lead generation services. Effectively managing your marketing budget to ensure you obtain the best ROI.

Lead Qualification

We are constantly looking for new innovative ways of generating a qualified lead and with enhanced features and new tools being developed, we are able to provide a qualified lead that has the best possible chance of converting into a new customer. Contact us today; we can help you with lead generation on a PPL basis.

Our clients pay a pre-agreed rate for each lead generated which means no upfront risk to your marketing strategy with any of our programmes.

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